I’m still here, friends!

“Who the heck is this person, and why is she posting on this strange blog?” I can hear the thought tumbling through your mind.

Well, I’ve got a confession.

I’ve been so danged busy the past almost month (!!!) I haven’t had the time to write up much of anything, even though- I promise!- I have a couple drafts in the works. One needs some tweaking and the other is being written. I’ve just been going at a snail’s pace. Chipping away at the block of marble one chunk at a time. (I don’t know how hard marble is to carve, but I can imagine it is, so I chose it as my metaphor. That’s ok, right?) I left my job, got a new one…so much else going on.


I promise I am still working on it! I haven’t abandoned this little passion project of mine. Heck, I will get the next post out this weekend at the latest. So never fear!

Love you a miss you, friends! Live long and prosper!


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