The Sign and the Leprechaun

Some background before I get started. The year is 2013 and I’m visiting college friends and a dear cousin in the Los Angeles area. In the meantime… sight seeing was the order of the day.

On this Sunday morning, the time was roughly 10:00 am and I wouldn’t be seeing my cousin until later in the afternoon. So I had time. And it was the weekend. No traffic to deal with. Whew!


Fun fact: The best time I’ve found to get anywhere in Los Angeles- on a weekday- is between the hours of 10:00am and 2:30pm. Otherwise, it’s like watching paint dry in slow motion as you’re sitting there on the claustrophobic webs of asphalt.


I didn’t yet own a smartphone at this point. So, old-school handwritten directions nestled safely beside me, I set off from my hotel in La Mirada. From there, without traffic, it usually takes around forty minutes to reach where I was headed.

I didn’t have much planned for this sightseeing venture; but a visit to the Walk of Fame was a must for me. I found a parking garage close by and pulled in. There were signs pointing toward the VIP “we’ll park your car for an extra fee” section and the regular “you still have to pay a parking fee” section.

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